HAVE ANY of you my friends run into what you thought were intelligent people; some may call themselves scientists, who clam that the earth is flat?  They are willing to argue you down and believe everyone is lying but their favorite source of information. It is a dangerous thing to turn over your volition of logic to other flawed men; whether it is some of the new favorites like Michael Snowden, Julian Assange, Anonymous or Donald Trump, Even some well meaning and not so well meaning Preachers are not to be trusted, unless they can prove what they are saying. It is why Scripture warns us to prove all things. And no you do not have the right to believe any thing you want. God gave you the freedom to do it, but will later hold you responsible for grabbing hold of and adhering to the wrong thing. That said, this flat earth thing and the idea that there is a hard place in the sky that they say God calls a firmament and that all the stars and planets are set in this firmament is for lack of a better way of saying it, NUTZ!

I was watching a video that was so uninformed that I just decided to leave. I use to see these but now it seems to be a growing movement. People like to think of themselves as the only place where truth is and everyone else is lying. So if you try to correct them and tear down their new neighborhood of elite buddies, you are likely just whistling Dixie; and off key at that.

Then I saw this person write,
*It is so stupid for people to think the earth is round like a ball. How could an airplane fly around the earth without falling down? *

Then I apparently lost common And thought I would just try a little logic, No need to leave people so duped, right? So I commented, giving the basic information below.

I typed something like,
*There is no down separate from the planet. Gravity pulls you and all else towards the center of the planet; so as you fly around the planet down is always towards it. Without the planet there would be no certain down. *

*And how can you guys believe that the earth is flat? It is a planet like those we see out in space through telescopes. We see the Moon, Mars, Venus and the other planets. We have even sent men and spacecraft to these places and once they get there because they are so small in comparison to the moon or planet it looks kind of flat. But even down on a planet like earth, you look around and see no squares, If you spot a sufficient land Mark and begin to move further and further away the landmark seems to drops lower and lower until is disappears because  the earth is a sphere. So this is not a guess, we know this and it is verifiable to any one. *

Presenting this logic and Facts made me, according to them, part of the class of people who have been duped by NASA and all the authorities on the planet, you see. None of the facts touched them. To them the Bible says the earth is flat, IN SPITE of the fact the Bible say the earth is round (Hebrew, a sphere) Isaiah 40:22 and that it SPINS like a potter spins clay. (Job 38:14) Neither does it matter to most of them, it seems, that the Bible says that BIRDS fly THROUGH the open firmament of heaven. So it is clear whatever this firmament is, it is described by the Bible just like it is today; an open affair that birds can fly through. One thing people should realize is that translators choose to use words in their own language to match a word in another language that may have several connotations. Both of which likely have different entomologies. But the entomologies of words especially in translating from other languages is not nearly as important as the principle that it portrays in a sentence. It is clear that this firmament did not mean some hard surface that stopped in a certain place blocking any further movement. None of this mattered to many of these people, because this has become their reason for being together and their common goal.

This became a useful instruction about the human condition. I thought about it and realized, this is typical for human beings in general. We see it in denominationalism in science and religion. Like most everyone else, I was born in the midst of it. Although it is not all bad and can even be good at times. It provides camaraderie; I find it very often to be like being in a Jail cell and not even knowing it. People go shopping; find what they like and then they will often defend it unto death. They will assume that giving themselves wholly to that doctrine or belief means they are good to go before men and God. Especially in America, we think we have the right to think and believe anything we want. That is not what the Founders set up. Truth matters. A better way of putting that is please do not give any of these flat earth people an important role in the space program.






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